The Rematch


On July 25, 2013, finalists of the Cincy Typing Challenge will compete against each other, and Frank McGurrin’s 98 WPM, for a Grand Prize of $5,000.

I, Mark Andrew Parker hereby challenge Frank Edward McGurrin to a speed contest in typing, for a purse of not less than five thousand dollars. The contest will take place July 25, 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio on the 125th Anniversary of your victory over Mr. Traub. The challenge will include typists from the Greater Cincinnati area who have mastered your method of typing, and can finish in the top eight of an open typing competition to be held at the Cincinnati Museum Center on July 20, 2013. The top eight finishers will be given five days to learn my method of typing called TREWGrip, and will then compete against each other, and your typing speed of 98 words per minute, for the purse.

TREWGrip is a “reartype” text input device that uses normal keyboard keys for typing, but on the backside of the device. The standard QWERTY key layout is split and rotated so the hands gripping a TREWGrip device can also do multi-finger text entry. By maintaining the QWERTY key layout, typists can quickly transfer competencies from a conventional keyboard to TREWGrip without having to learn an entirely new skill. The TREWGrip device also provides visual cues on the front-side, which allows users with varying levels of typing expertise to easily locate the keys on the back. For more details, please visit