Qualification Round

July 14, 2013: Cincinnati Enquirer reports

“This month, the Cincy Typing Challenge at Cincinnati Museum Center, hosted by Outlier Technologies to launch their TREWGrip mobile keyboard device, will crown a new typing champion…”




The Qualification Round of the Cincy Typing Challenge was held Saturday, July 20, 2013 from 10 AM – 4 PM in the Collett Gallery of the Cincinnati Museum Center. With over 124 participants competing in 3 speed typing competitions (Keyboard, Typewriter, Texting), the fastest typists in the area were separated from the hunt-and-peckers to qualify for The Finals.




Jeff Lashley and Mark Parker enthusiastically load equipment into the Typing Challenge trailer on July 19, 2013


Room layout:



Typing Challenge volunteers receive last minute directions July 20, 2013 morning

Typing Challenge volunteers receive last minute directions




Let the typing begin!



Time lapse of Qualifying Round from 10 AM - 1 PM

Time lapse of 10 AM – 1 PM of Qualifying Round



Keyboard Competition:



Participants were given 3 minutes to type from a paragraph on the provided computer and keyboard. Take the speed typing test below to see how you compare:



Keyboard Competition Leaderboard:


Future champion Robert Price typing 137 WPM on the keyboard

Future champion Robert Price focused, typing 137 WPM on the keyboard


Keyboarding Finalist Samuel Raptis typing for the Keyboard Competition

Keyboarding Finalist Samuel Raptis (purple) sneaking a peak in the Keyboard Competition





Typewriter Competition:



Participants transcribed an 1888 passage on provided, manual typewriters for 3 minutes and were timed by Typing Challenge officials.

Typewriter Competition Leaderboard:







Texting Competition:



Participants’ texting times were recorded by a Typing Challenge official and were given 2 opportunities to type the phrase with no errors. The top 3 texting competitors received $500, $100 and $50 respectively.

Texting Competition Leaderboard:



Texting Champion Steven Lim typing on his smartphone



Historical Typewriter Display:



In the spirit of the Museum Center, 9 historical typewriters were on display throughout the Qualifying Round and the Finals – courtesy of Dr. Richard Polt, Director of Philosophy, Xavier University.

Dr. Polt is an avid collector of historical typewriters and graciously loaned a few of his favorites for the event.



History Museum Display:




As part of the Qualification Round, the Cincinnati History Museum displayed the 2 typewriter models used by Frank McGurrin and Louis Traub back in 1888. For more information on the historical typewriter competition, visit the History page.



“The Typewriter” Film Screening:



2 screenings of “The Typewriter In The 21st Century,” a film about a machine and the people who use, love and repair it, were shown in the Scripps Howard Newsreel Room


See who won the challenge: