The Finals

July 25, 2013: WVXU Cincinnati reports

“The Cincy Typing Challenge Finals were held Thursday at the Cincinnati Museum Center…Robert Price, of East Walnut Hills, shut out the other finalists with gross speeds of up to 137 words per minute.”






The Finals of the Cincy Typing Challenge were held Thursday, July 25, 2013 from 6 PM – 9 PM in the Losantiville Dining Rooms of Cincinnati Museum Center. With 7 Finalists competing in a head-to-head “mobile QWERTY” typing competition, Robert Price (of East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati) went home as the Cincy Typing Challenge champion by typing 115 WPM on the TREWGrip.



Room layout:





Setting up the projection screens pre-Finals



Tables being set in the “TREWGrip room”




Team Cincy Typing Challenge pre-game huddle (minus Anne, Kristen, Connor and volunteers)



TREWGrip inventor and Cincy Typing Challenge orchestrator, Mark Parker, introducing the new “mobile QWERTY” device that will be used by the Finalists





Cincy Typing Challenge Finalists (from left to right): Laura Cavanaugh, Robert Price, Matthew Makepeace, Samuel Raptis, Stephen Jones, Susan Steinkamp and Pat Stratman



Meet the Finalists:


k3-laura-cavanaugh Name: Laura Cavanaugh
Age: 23
Part of Town: Ft. Wright, KY
Interesting Fact: Doesn’t use pinky fingers while typing.
t1-robert-price Name: Robert Price
Age: 34
Part of Town: East Walnut Hills
Interesting Fact: Made own TREWGrip prototype by gluing 2 keyboards to a Cribbage board.
k1-matthew-makepeace Name: Matthew Makepeace
Age: 29
Part of Town: Monroe
Interesting Fact: Putting prize money towards a new Stenograph machine.
k2-sam-raptis Name: Samuel Raptis
Age: 18
Part of Town: Wyoming
Interesting Fact: Learned to type by playing Runescape.
k4-stephen-jones Name: Stephen Jones
Age: 30
Part of Town: Maineville
Interesting Fact: Learned to type against his brother on an old typing game.
t2-susan-steinkamp Name: Susan Steinkamp
Age: 48
Part of Town: East Walnut Hills
Interesting Fact: Rescues animals frequently (cats, dogs, turtles, etc.)
t3-pat-stratman Name: Pat Stratman
Age: 62
Part of Town: Montgomery
Interesting Fact: Won a high school typing contest on an electric typewriter.



Typing Challenge Finals Bracket:


Congratulations to all Cincy Typing Challenge Finalists for their valiant typing efforts. Robert Price proved to have the most dynamic digits of all by typing 115 WPM on the TREWGrip. Finals participants were challenged to type using the new mobile QWERTY device and proved to be quick learners!






A very special thank you to our door-prize partners and Cincinnati favorites: 4EG, Butterbee’s Grille, The Cincinnatian, Lykins Oil, Moerlein Lager House, Tender Towne and The Walking Place